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A celebration about the importance of Training for Roots of Empathy

A message from Founder and President Mary Gordon

  At Roots of Empathy, we respect the pivotal role training plays in upholding the integrity of the Roots of Empathy program to positively impact children. The training is for Instructors that deliver the Roots of Empathy (ROE) program
- a demonstrated value to children.
The evidence of this value and integrity is bolstered by more than two decades of independent research, proving how the ROE program contributes to children's well-being, and by awards from organizations such as HundrED who measure educational impact and scalability. The program has consistently shown a capacity to reduce aggressive behaviours, including bullying, while enhancing empathy and fostering pro-social behaviours like sharing, helping, and inclusion that lasts over time. The emotional literacy nurtured in children through the Roots of Empathy program lays the foundation for children to form meaningful relationships—a vital ingredient for an improved quality of life and overall mental health and well-being.
We know that the leaders of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today and they need imagination and empathy to be able to identify and solve society’s problems.
Shows Training for Roots of Empathy 2023

Unveiling the immense scope and  potential of our training

Our training season is a substantial undertaking, including initiatives spanning across 11 countries, encompassing  Roots of Empathy Instructors, Mentors, Trainers, and Educators at Child Care Centres delivering Seeds of Empathy. With that massive mobilization, it is important that we measure impact. Last year, 96% of Instructors surveyed rated the Roots of Empathy Training 'Excellent' and 'Good'...

Roots of empathy Class picture, leading to a description of a heartfelt moment

An Instructor shares a heartfelt moment

One child in the class I deliver Roots of Empathy to, can struggle with anxiety at times and can be emotional coming into school on occasions, but is always worried of his peers seeing him upset. During Theme 2: Crying, we were discussing when and why babies may cry and I then asked 'Who here still cries?' - everyone was reluctant to answer until ...

Announcing Retirement Savings plans for Roots of Empathy Employees

Demonstrating Employee Appreciation

Founder/President Mary Gordon knows that the Roots of Empathy staff are exceptional, working resolutely for salaries lower than those in the corporate world, driven by their unwavering commitment to the vision of transforming the world, child by child. In recognition of their devotion, Roots of Empathy delighted in unveiling a retirement savings plan, ensuring a more secure and fulfilling retirement. Thank you ROE team!

HundRED Image

Roots of Empathy to kick-off HundrED's Education Innovation 2024 Collection

By invitation on October 31st, Founder/President Mary Gordon will join the Founder of HundrED in the opening event of HundrED's 2024 Collection Announcement by sharing the amazing impact of Roots of Empathy. HundrED, a Finnish non-profit organization, annually evaluates education programs for their impact on delivering quality education innovations that 'transform school systems' and equip students to 'thrive as global citizens'.

Last year, after being selected for their Collection 5 years in a row,  Roots of Empathy was permanently inducted into their 'Hall of Fame' for education innovation. See our HundrED page here. We take great pride in continuing to share these accolades with you, and acknowledging the significant role your contributions make.

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