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Hi friend,

How powerful is this?

"We had a student - he was having trouble fitting in, making friends...and there began to be moments in the year where he immediately stopped something he was doing in the moment because he thought to himself, and he articulated this to us -

'Would I be acting like this if Baby June was in the room?'

This was a student whose life might not have gone great otherwise...we couldn't stop doing it [Roots of Empathy] after we saw the impact it made in his life."

This is just some of what you'll hear in an NBC Today Show piece broadcast
in the USA today. It really captures the heart and soul of Roots of Empathy. How the experience with the baby - the tiny teacher - changes lives. How it creates a culture of caring in the classroom, the school, the community.

As a Roots of Empathy supporter, we know you understand this.

Thank you for being part of Roots of Empathy.

Enjoy the video!


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