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The 'Tiny Teacher' interacts with children. 92% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that seeing the children interact with their baby has given them more hope for the next generation of citizens.

A message from Founder and President Mary Gordon

The children sitting in classrooms today are the citizens, the parents, and the leaders of tomorrow. They are also 100% of our social capital. If we want to build a responsible citizenry, responsive parenting, and empathic leadership - we need to cultivate empathy in our young people.


An Instructor shares a heartfelt moment

We were in the middle of our Theme 4 Post Visit, talking about feelings and how bullying makes us feel and what it can look, sound or feel like. One student wanted to share her experience when she was getting bullied at a previous school. She got into a lot of details, and the room was silent . When she was finished speaking, a boy....

Traininf Instructors on a Family Visit.
Roots of Empathy Instructors get trained at a Family Visit

"We don’t want to be downstream, we want to be upstream." ~ Mary Gordon

Both host teachers and students confirm that ROE's preventative intervention program supports children's mental wellbeing. This remarkable achievement is attributed to our exceptional Instructors, new and returning, who diligently implement a gold-standard curriculum. New Instructors undergo 3 days of training, supplemented by a one-day Mid-Year Training, most recently conducted across 30 cities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the 38 Trainers, 338 new Instructors, 97 dedicated Mentors, our Program Integrity team, and all supporters whose unwavering commitment made Mid-Year Training (MYT) an outstanding success.

“The MYT provides a reflective space for [new] Instructors to consolidate their learning, share insights and refine their approach to delivering lessons, especially the family visit.” (Honolulu, Hawaii)


Explore Children's Art in Emotional Literacy

Roots of Empathy children in the elementary grades provide feedback through artwork. Emotional literacy includes developing the skills to recognize and express feelings. These skills are integral to the ability to regulate emotions. Children who can regulate their emotions are less likely to suffer from childhood psychological disorders, including anxiety and depression (Compas et al., 2017). Widely recognized before the pandemic, the need for emotional literacy development has only intensified because of the crisis.


Grateful to our UK Board for an inspiring meeting at the historic House of Lords!

Founder/President Mary Gordon and International Liaison Sheri Fogarty stand before the embodiment of centuries-old parliamentary democracy. In the UK since 2010,  Roots of Empathy programs empower children with empathy and emotional literacy, aiding them in becoming more engaged as responsible citizens that strengthen democracy - building a brighter future together!

Roots of Empathy is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers across six boards in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. We extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of our esteemed board members for their invaluable contributions.

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