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A message from Founder and President Mary Gordon

It's inspiring to witness the impact of our Tiny Teachers cultivating empathy in children in 11 different countries. In a world filled with escalating challenges, Roots of Empathy is a beacon of hope for children. Amidst reports of violence, populism, xenophobia, and environmental degradation, we are empowering children to build resiliency and improve their wellbeing by making friends and being less aggressive, feeling for others so they challenge cruelty and injustice. Today's classroom children are tomorrow's citizens, leaders, and parents, and we are thrilled to continue supporting their journey with you. Together, we are building empathy and emotional literacy, crucial for conflict resolution and altruism. By instilling love for oneself and kindness and caring for others, we are actively changing the world child by child.

Mary Gordon at Hope Restored Conference

Collective Trauma, Collective Hope

In mid-November, Founder and President Mary Gordon visited New Brunswick, Canada to give the keynote address at  Hope Restored/ L’espoir renaît: NB Trauma Conference 2023. Trauma in childhood casts a lifelong shadow. Collective, individual, and cumulative trauma can lead to toxic stress, necessitating the need for resilience in children that can be fostered through preventative intervention. Trauma in childhood casts a lifelong shadow. Empathy provides us hope for the future.

Children gathered around the Green blanket

An Instructor shares a heartfelt moment

When the ROE instructor asked the 4th grade class about songs they knew that we could practice to sing for the baby to send the gift of a recording, one boy raised his hand and said “Fire Truck,” and said his mom used to sing it to him.  No one else in the class knew the song, so the boy said he would ask his mom. The next week the boy said he would teach the song to the class (with the help of You Tube).  When it started to play, the boy...

Top 5 fields for citations for Roots of Empathy

Resonating powerfully across academic landscapes

Did you know that Roots of Empathy, and our Founder and President Mary Gordon have been cited 1,347 times from 1998 to 2023. These citations, embedded in scholarly publications span education, public policy, criminology, psychology, and beyond, underscoring the profound influence of our work.

Here are three examples where Roots of Empathy or our Founder have been cited, showing that Roots of Empathy is a catalyst for positive change towards peace.
  • Wilkinson, I. G. (2019). In Praise of Empathy: The Glue that holds Caring Communities Together in a Fractured World. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth/Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse, 11(1), 234-291.
  • Glen, C., Taylor, L. K., & Dautel, J. B. (2020). Promoting Prosocial Behavior Toward Refugees: Exploring the Empathy-Attitude-Action Model in Middle Childhood. In Children and Peace (pp. 71-87). Springer, Cham
  • Bianchini, C. (2014). Teaching the Moral Imagination: How Global Education Aids in Peacebuilding.
Seeds of Empathy Classroom Visit

Indigenous and Cultural Responsiveness

Roots of Empathy places a high value on diversity, actively celebrating differences, and seeking to integrate multiple perspectives. We proudly collaborate with Indigenous peoples, including the Māori of New Zealand, by incorporating traditional teachings and worldviews. Endorsed by the Assembly of First Nations in Canada in 2008, both the  Roots of Empathy  and Seeds of Empathy programs are recognized and recommended as compatible with Indigenous values.

Upcoming: Mary Gordon, our Founder and President is thrilled to be the Keynote speaker on the topic of literacy in the early years. by invitation of the Métis Nation of Ontario in late February.

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